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    Yuancon ADX - Circular Music Game Controller

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    Yuancon ADX - Circular Music Game Controller

    We are no longer taking orders through our online store. The below product information is for archival purposes only.

    Looking to play your favorite music game at home? Look no further.


    YubiParts is thrilled to offer Yuancon's famous ADX controller to international users at the lowest price yet! With its high-quality buttons, capacitive touchscreen, and durable construction, you'll be getting your highest scores yet in no time!

    We kindly request you read the full product description before purchasing.

    🎮 Features:

    • 8 durable, satisfying optical buttons with noise dampening built in. Please note that despite our best efforts, the controller will still be fairly loud!
    • Gorgeous and fingerprint-resistant brushed aluminum frame, ensuring your controller won't break no matter how many times you AP a 15.
    • Custom-built low-latency capacitive touchscreen connected to a game-specific I/O board that will work with your game setup out of the box. Thanks to its high-sensitivity touch detection, the ADX's touchscreen works with a wide range of glove thicknesses. And because it's built in to the controller, you don't need to worry about expensive touch overlays or subpar touchscreen monitors. Please note that the touchscreen does not present to Windows as a normal touchscreen device.
    • Optional: a built-in 120hz low-latency LCD panel, eliminating monitor installation headaches and allowing for an even smoother gameplay experience.

    ⚙️ Specifications:

    • Weight: 50kg
    • Dimensions: 78cm x 15cm x 119cm
    • Supported monitor size: 43" or smaller.
    • Color: Silver.
    • Connection: USB Type C to Type A. Presents itself to your computer as a serial device under ports COM3 and COM21, so make sure those are available!

    🔨 Installation guidelines:

    • If you choose to purchase your own monitor, it must have a VESA mount on the back.
    • The ADX comes with a built-in stand to support itself on the desk of your choice. We recommend resting it on furniture with a length greater than 80cm (31.5 inches) and a depth greater than 60cm (23.6 inches). For the most arcade-accurate experience, place the ADX on a table with an 80cm/31.5 inch height.

    🙋 After-sales support:

    • Competent, human, English-speaking customer service willing to go out of their way via email, live chat, Discord, and phone to help you with any questions or concerns.
    • Don't believe us? That's ok: check out the dozens of five-star reviews for our Project Diva controller and YubiDeck where we're lauded for our attention to customer satisfaction.
    • Please note that we are not, under any circumstances, able to help with game software for use with the ADX. We ask that you do not buy the controller unless you are able to set up your chosen game yourself. Like all of our controllers, we will not be accepting returns, and especially not for the above reason.

    🚚 Shipping:

    At this time, we are only shipping to the US and Canada. We put your controller in a wooden crate to avoid damage during shipping and then send it by sea. Customs tax and shipping are included in the price of the controller.

    The controller will take 45-60 days to arrive. Periodic tracking updates will be sent manually to your email, and our freight forwarder will contact you when the controller is due to be delivered.

    Can't wait? Contact us after placing your order to learn about upgrading to a faster shipping method.


    Customer Reviews

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    Jonas Rivera
    Great experience!

    First time ordering from Yubiparts, and after having gone through the order experience for this, I'm here to say it was fantastic. I was given accurate timelines, clear communication, heads-ups for each part of the process, and felt well-prepared to take in this fairly large controller. It will take fairly long to arrive (just short of 2 months), but the immense savings compared to Yuan's website made it more palatable to purchase this controller in the first place (I believe you can request to pay for faster shipping too). The controller itself works great! If there was one gripe, I don't think the stock buttons feel very good for high-level play since they were a bit too tough on my hands (songs around 14). I wish ADX buttons from rabbit were sold here too, but after acquiring them from a different source, the controller feels very arcade-accurate. Thank you Tim!