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All items (except for controllers) ship tracked from New York within 5 business days via USPS or Asendia (outside of US/CA). Priority mail upgrades are available. Please scroll further down for local pickup.


Controllers ship tracked from China within 5 business days via your choice of the following shipping methods:

  1. FedEx International Priority: Usually arrives in a week or so. Cheap customs clearance fees (on top of tax). Recommended for everyone!
  2. DHL Express: Also typically arrives in a week or so. Customs clearance fees (in addition to customs tax) can be a little more expensive than FedEx: you may want to check those on your country's DHL site. Recommended mainly for the US and Australia where DHL is cheaper and you will not be charged for customs.
  3. UPS Worldwide Express Saver: Saver is a misnomer: this is faster than Worldwide Express Expedited. Arrives in, you guessed it, a week or so. Generally does not charge customs clearance fees, though you still need to pay tax. If you're willing to do research on clearance fees across shipping carriers, this may end up being the cheapest option.
  4. Placeholder shipping: We're only human: for a number of reasons, we can't input shipping options for every single country in the world. If you encounter the Placeholder charge at checkout, rest assured that you will be refunded a significant amount of the shipping cost: anywhere from $20 to $100. We will email you as soon as possible with a list of shipping methods and their associated prices, so please keep an eye on your email!
  5. Other methods: Certain countries have exclusive shipping methods that offer advantages such as cost or no customs tax. These will be listed and explained at checkout.

Please understand that we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, a labor shortage, and an international shipping crisis. Delivery times are extremely rough estimations and nothing more. We may text or email you about your shipping method if issues occur.


Local Pickup (for all items):

Local pickup is available in Yonkers, NY, or at any of the following arcades (subject to personal schedule availability):

  • Round1 Arcade at Broadway Mall (Hicksville, NY)
  • Round1 Arcade at Galleria at Crystal Run (Middletown, NY)
  • Chinatown Fair (New York, New York)
  • 8 on the Break (Dunellen, New Jersey)

Please contact me to arrange local pickup. Controllers will still be subject to their full shipping charge to the US; for parts, the shipping cost will be waived.


Delayed, lost, or otherwise undelivered items:

Our policy here varies per situation. Here are some example resolutions:

  • Orders lost or undelivered due to errors on behalf of YubiParts (e.g. misspelled address): We will send a replacement as soon as possible at no cost to you. We're not in the business of making you pay for our mistakes.
  • Orders delayed in the process of shipping: While we will offer our most profuse apologies, we cannot offer compensation for delays during the shipping process. They're unfortunately inevitable at this point and they occur for reasons out of our hands.
  • Orders lost or undelivered due to errors on behalf of the shipping carrier (DHL/FedEx/UPS/USPS): We don't have a set policy for this case: in part because it has never happened, and in part because the compensation our carriers give us varies wildly. Please contact us as soon as possible if it appears that your package was lost so we can investigate.

We can add insurance to any order for a reasonable charge; please ask for the option in your order notes.

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