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    Jubeat Rubber Button Part (ZhouSensor, Pack of 70)

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    Jubeat Rubber Button Part (ZhouSensor, Pack of 70)

    We are no longer taking orders through our online store. The below product information is for archival purposes only.

    Tired of mushy, dead, or misfiring buttons on your jubeat arcade machine or arcade-style controller? YubiParts has the solution!


    These are high-quality jubeat replacement rubbers. This is the part placed on all four corners of each button. 64 are required to stock a whole panel, and you get an extra 6 in case you need replacements later on.


    These aftermarket rubbers are manufactured by ZhouSensor. They are stiffer than the official part, but will soften up over time. They are perfect for the highest level players, all the way up to and including Hard Mode EXC scorers (perfect scorers).


    These are known by many names: jubeat rubbers, jubeat buttons, jubeat switches, jubeat standoffs, jubeat plungers, jubeat corner pieces, etc. Whatever you call them, we have them, and we have good ones! Parts available on elsewhere on the internet are more expensive and of much worse quality, often being too soft for high-level play and prone to misfires. Our stock has been tried and tested by talented players to rave reviews. Order today and feel the difference!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    good quality. nice product


    Machine feels like new :3

    Jesper Petersson
    Top tier.

    Great products. As an arcade operator YubiParts has helped us a lot with niched products and high quality of service.
    Would love an EU distrubutor of course, but the experience of dealing with YuibParts is always flawless.

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    Jiho Kim
    It doesn't arrived yet but I requested to write a review

    Where is it? I want to refund my money

    Hey there! Your parts arrived a few days after you wrote this review; we've been in touch to apologize about the premature review request and to ask for an updated review, but have not heard back. We'd love to hear your updated opinion on the rubbers!