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    Jubeat Button Sensor PCB Board Frame

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    Jubeat Button Sensor PCB Board Frame

    We are no longer taking orders through our online store. The below product information is for archival purposes only.

    Do you have dead corners on your jubeat buttons? Swapped in our high quality jubeat rubbers only to find the problem is still there? You may need to replace your button PCBs! YubiParts sells high-quality brand new replacements so you can refurbish your jubeat cabinet or arcade-style controller into mint condition.


    This part goes below the rubbers and covers two squares. Eight of these are required to stock a whole panel.


    Listings elsewhere on the internet for this part don't ship internationally, are more expensive, are pulled from existing jubeat cabinets making them used and worn out, or even all three! The PCB design, created by VeroxZik, can be custom ordered from China, but not without wait times and minimum quantities. You will either have to order the connectors (pricey if you're not assembling many) and do the soldering yourself (difficult for a one-off job) or pay expensive labor fees for assembly. Why go through all that trouble when you can buy from us for the same price (or less)?

    Additionally, all of our boards undergo the ENIG coating process, leading to the copper button contacts having superior longevity and reliability. For both domestic and international customers, the total cost of ordering from YubiParts will be cheaper than purchasing and shipping the equivalent part from a custom PCB manufacturer in China with ENIG coating.

    This jubeat button frame is compatible with every way to play: jubeat arcade machines, arcade-style controllers (e.g. the FB9), and even home-made implements! All products are tested after assembly. Should any issues with the board occur, please contact us and we will provide a resolution that makes sure you're satisfied.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jesper Petersson

    Jubeat Button Sensor PCB Board Frame

    Jordan Green
    Works perfectly

    Made my 10+ year old machine feel brand new.

    My buttons actually work now!

    It does what it says! Buttons all reliably work with minimum force, and my cabinet feels good to play on again

    A must have for anyone that owns a cabinet!

    Also, compatible with Uniana cabinets too

    Aaron Burke
    Fixed my dead corners.

    I've been using it for a month now and still works perfectly.

    Cliff C
    Works great!

    These frames work great! Our buttons were acting up and these made them good as new! Thank you :)